Paul McCartney will reissue their albums in the form of iOS apps - Cell phones

Famous member of the Beatles Paul McCartney will release five of their albums in the form of interactive apps for the iPad. While they will cost even cheaper than those albums in iTunes.In mobile apps would become the album "Band on the Run", "McCartney", "McCartney II", "RAM", and "Wings over America". in addition to the specifically musical compositions in applications will include interviews, pictures, arts, rehearsal videos and other bonus content for fans.It should be noted that the cost of each app in the App Store will be 5, 49 pounds (about 323 rubles), while those albums on iTunes are from 8 to eleven pounds. So, for less money users will receive not only music, but also additional content.Remember that Paul McCartney is not the 1st performer, turned own album in the iOS app. One of the first was the Icelandic singer Bjork, who in 2011 released in the form of software for the iPad album Biophilia. Together with songs in Appendix attended scores, entertainment insertion, music essay, games and lots of slides with performances of the singer. This trend has suffered the most stars.Later Lady Gaga announced released its new album ARTPOP is not only classic, but also as an application. For every song in the program will be updated with additional materials: videos, chats, games, clippings from fashion magazines and other content, which allows fans Eider deeply imbued with the attitude of the singer.Succumbed to fashion and the famous British "electronics" Calvin Harris. He has released a fun little app in support of their latest album named 18 Months. This program plays music only when a smartphone user is dancing (the application uses the built-in smartphone accelerometer to figure this out)..

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