Different versions of Windows will merge into one - Cell phones

The CEO of Microsoft Sathya Nadella officially confirmed his intention to unite all major versions of Windows in one universal operating system. A single platform can be installed on different devices - computers, laptops, smartphones or tablets."This means that one operating system will fit all screen sizes," said Nadella during the conference call, and in the past we had several teams on different versions of Windows. Now we have one team with a common architecture. This allows us to scale and to create a universal Windows application". According to the head of the organization, it is expected as well as among them to join the app store, the platform for developers and Commerce.Anyway, Microsoft will continue to sell different "editions" of Windows, as well as among them professional Windows Pro or Windows Enterprise for cheap devices is closely related to the search engine Bing. But inside, explained Nadella, they will be more similar to each loved one, than to vary.Microsoft made the 1st step to integrate Windows into one "OS" at the Symposium 2014 BUILD in April, announcing a generic application. From them will benefit all parties. Buying the program once, users will be able to run on any available devices "winonah", Windows tablets and PCs. And developers won't have to rewrite code for each device included in the Windows ecosystem. At the same time they will be able to easily change the interface of the application depending On the type of gadget and screen size.As expected, universal platform will occur with the release of Windows 9 (Threshold). Under this name refers to the series of updates that will make the Windows operating systems for computers, Windows Phone for smartphones and gaming platform Xbox One even closer. According to one version, "nine" will be presented at the Symposium BUILD in April 2015.However, Microsoft finally decided on plans to release mini tablet Surface, the announcement of which represent Surface Pro 3, As if it was postponed at the last minute. As stated in quarterly report, the Firm decided not to put a new form factor" because of the cost of production and adjustments to inventory Surface. So, Microsoft has officially decided not to release a competitor to the iPad mini, which was already ready..

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