Google introduced the 1st finished prototype "guglomobilya" - Cell phones

Google has completed the development of the first fully working sample of your "car of the future" is a stand - alone machines, which do not need a driver. If shown in may correspondents car was not even headlights, today's "guglomobil" already looks ready.According to the authorized Google may in the organization worked on several prototypes of machines, each of which was worked out different systems -- brakes, sensors, Etc. Now the results of these experiments are brought together. Significantly, for example, that block the sensors on the roof has become more compact and Now resembles a siren of car emergency services.That was one of the early models of "car of the future", which correspondents showed in may:It is fully working prototype "guglomobilya" today:The resulting vehicle will be tested during the Christmas holidays and in the coming year, Google nourish hope to hold its validation on public roads. Driving the car just in case the driver is that in case of emergency provisions to take control on their own shoulders..

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