Wunderlist 3: the most powerful list Manager is fully updated - Cell phones

The firm 6Wunderkinder has released a major update of the app Wunderlist, which is used for the organization's Affairs in a convenient lists, organize tasks, create memos and orders. Version 3. 0 differs from the previous "fresh" design, higher download speeds and a new feature - public lists.Now, clicking on the Publish button (" Publish" ), created a list can be put in the public domain. By analogy with notes in Simplenote, to open it will be possible for any user with whom you shared a link.The essence of innovation is to make Wunderlist is a real platform for the exchange of lists. It allows 8 million people registered for the service, not only to the personal scheduler (to buy or to do something), but also to share with each other any practical instructions in the spirit of How-to, recommended reading list books, the best places in the year, hit-parades and the like. Then the developers want to add Wunderlist search functions the most popular and useful lists.As can be seen from the description of Wunderlist 3. 0, the application was made more than 60 improvements. Code organizer has been completely rewritten, making lists now loaded faster and synchronized in real-time. Function Lightning Sync updates the lists instantly, as their content.You can add notes and #label, set reminders about tasks and deadlines for their implementation, in order not to forget something important. In addition, the function of the discussion list (tab "Comments" ) was made free..

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