Forgotten covenants jobs: 5 principles that yielded Apple Cell phones

This year, the Apple Company can launch a new product - the "professional" model of iPad tablet with a screen 12, 9 inches. Giant device, prognoziruyut analysts, with almost a hundred percent chance you will need the stylus, in order to effectively use the whole display area. If Apple really decides to equip the "pill" this accessory, it will go against the will of Steve jobs, who considered computer pen anachronism.The co-founder of Apple not only flouted the styluses, but also called 7-inch plastiki "stillborn" product, doomed to failure, and categorically rejected the possibility of increasing 3, 5-inch iPhone display. Anyway, since in 2011 at the helm of Apple rose Tim cook, the Company has renounced some of the principles of its founder. News. High-tech remembered commandments of Steve jobs that Apple is already broke.StylusJobs hated styluses. In 1997, returning to Apple, one of his first decisions was to stop production of "pocket" computer Newton messagepad, was developed). Sold in 1993 product is not gained success in the market. PDA, which didn't even fit in his pockets, was criticized for its dimensions, as well as poor handwriting recognition." God gave us the ten styluses. Let's not invent another," said jobs on planetadobe device.Ten years later, at the Symposium MacWorld Expo, the Founder of Apple again disparaging remarks about the styluses." Who needs a stylus?- he turned to the audience, announcing in 2007 the 1st model of iPhone, You need to get it out, remove the back, until you will not lose. Ugh! Nobody wants a stylus. So let's not use it.".

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