Fresh "poppies" and Yosemite: everything you need to know - Cell phones

The Apple company yesterday held a presentation of new products. Update raised the iPads, as well as two "poppy" - 27-inch AIO all-in-one iMac, received the ultra-crisp Retina screen 5K and mini the Mac mini, which has installed more efficient filling.Very important in the new "aimag" is his super fine 5K-panel, which has excellent resolution in x pixels. Placed therein, said Apple, 14, 7 million points. This is four times more than last year's iMac, 67% more than in 4K resolution, and 7 times more than in the HDTV (1080p). Despite This, the updated monoblock uses 30% less energy than its predecessor.The panel is very thin - only 1, 4 mm. The screen has its own "brain", namely the new chip Timing controller (TCON), which speaks to each pixel, when and what to do.".

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