High-speed mail Mailbox was released on the "poppies" - Cell phones

Developers of mobile email client Mailbox has released the open beta version of its app for the operating system OS X. the New application, known for speed, handling correspondence, incorporates a proprietary function, which gives the possibility to postpone the letter to read at a more convenient time.For example, using the Mailbox for Macs, you can make the letter was later opened on a mobile device, or Vice versa. Gestures to quickly control the flow of incoming messages in the desktop version of the same that the "iPhones". Swiping a finger across the touch panel Apple Trackpad or Magic Mouse, you can, for example, to instantly empty the trash or spam folder. There were also corrected certain errors associated with the inability to send mail with attachment using an alias.Mailbox for iOS was released in the spring of 2013, and a year later was followed by an Android version. The app is a cross between the usual "program" and the task Manager. Its main feature: the system is super fast sorting of incoming mail by using go horizontal across the screen. Our review Mailbox for Android you have the opportunity to see this link.Announcing the launch of a Mailbox for Macs, the developers have also announced the update of the iOS version. It appeared to advanced settings go, support iPhone 6 and 6 Plus fixes push notifications for iOS 8..

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