BitTorrent is to raise money for a Television series - Cell phones

The creators of the most popular communication Protocol via the Internet, used by all the torrent trackers, has launched a new project. BitTorrent offers users to support the crowd-funding the development of new television shows and other content.The new service will be launched at the base of an existing project BitTorrent Bundle. So, the website turns into a kind of hybrid of social investment platform Kickstarter and online cinema like Netflix or Hulu.First thing in BitTirrent will begin to raise money for the television series Children of Machine (" Child Machine" ), created by Marco Weber. Before the Director laid out in BitTirrent Bundle pilot episode of their project, which can be viewed free of charge. To discover the funds for the remaining eight episodes, it asks users to donate 10 dollars.Remember, the BitTorrent Protocol is involved in many trackers, including The Pirate Bay, isoHunt, Mininova and Rutracker used, and among them, for the illegal sharing of digital content. Technology provides the opportunity to place on the Internet representation links to music, videos and other content that is physically stored on computers of other users. In addition, BitTorrent uses the social network Facebook, when she needs a quick way to share files during the update servers..

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