The Creator of The Pirate Bay has recognized unlawful for hacking - Cell phones

The Danish court found the co-founder of the popular torrent tracker the Pirate Bay Gottfried of Svartholma guilty of hacking. Now he faces 6 years in prison.Svartholma accused of hacking into the databases of the organization CSC. According to the comments of the court, the Creator of The Pirate Bay by computer hacking gained unauthorized access to stored on the servers of the organization documents of the police organization. The judge found it "unlikely" the arguments of counsel, insisting on the fact that the computer Svartholma used to carry out hacking attacks without his knowledge. What kind of punishment awaits main pirate Internet is still unknown - the court has not declared it. According to the Danish legislation, Gottfried faces up to 6 years in prison.At this time Svartholm placed in detention for almost a year. Prior to that, the co-founder of the Pirate Bay spent a year in a Swedish prison on similar charges. Lawyer Svartholma taken by the judge considers the decision unfair, because in the process of the investigation could not find any direct evidence of belonging defendant to hacker attacks on CSC." Computer Svartholma and the truth was applied to attacks on CSC, but behind them the other person who gains access to the device, ' she says.The possibility of long-term imprisonment of Svartholma concerned people all over the world. Users torrent trackers gathered more than 100,000 signatures to stop the persecution of the legendary "pirate". in support of Svartholma passed several street protests..

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