Buyer's guide: top 12 iPhone accessories - Cell phones

Time to take care of the preparations for the holidays have already come to the Valentine's Day only a little over a week, until February 23 and March 8 is also at hand. From the field of electronics, which has become part of everyday life, enjoyable, relevant, and most importantly, practical gift will serve as an accessory for a smartphone Apple, if a loved one this has. To understand the choice will help to Lead. High-tech.The headphone splitterThe adapter, which can connect two pairs of headphones will enable beloved together to enjoy the music or movie. Audiocassettes will be useful on a trip, journey, or a noisy place - for example, in transport. It can be applied not only with the "iPhone", but any other device with a standard 3 -, 5-mm input: laptop, iPad, or Android tablet.There are such adapters are inexpensive, often differing between the quality of the material of cable and plug. In the Russian Internet shops you can find cheap Chinese options for 300 - 400 rubles. And a more robust model of the famous manufacturer, for example Belkin Splitter will cost approximately $ 700.Olloclip 4-IN-1If on February 14, you have a planned trip or a hike in the Park, where you'll want to make a romantic photo session can take the lens olloclip 4-IN-1. The lens is attached to both cameras "iPhone", enabling macro, wide-angle shooting or with the effect of "fish eye" on all fronts. The resulting high-quality image can be processed in any fotoprilozheny.The nozzle on camera For iPhone 5/5S and iPod touch sold presumably for 4 - 5 thousand Rubles.. For the latest models 6/6Plus it will be a couple thousand more. In the Internet you can find "foreign" lenses other organizations, but the products olloclip is one of the best.Aura Smart Sleep SystemIf allows the budget, the proximity will help to emphasize the Aura Smart Sleep System from the organization Withings to monitor and improve sleep quality. It consists of a tabletop lamps, diagnostic Mat with multiple sensors and accompanying iOS app.The Mat that is placed under the mattress, tracks all movements at night, including heart rate and breathing, and bedside device due to this information hopes the best time to Wake up man. Using the program you can view all sleep cycles and compare them." Smart system belongs to the category of expensive gifts: online stores, it costs about 20 - 21 thousand.Sphero 2. 0Radio-controlled Sphero ball 2. 0 is connected to the "iPhone" via Bluetooth. Spherical robot can roll on the floor, swim and even rotate in the water. Only he was released more than 25 apps and games for entertainment alone or in organization. The program Drawn N' Drive, for example, you can draw mazes and "routes" that will repeat Sphero 2. 0, and in ColorGrab have to grab the ball at the moment when he glows a specific color.On one charge the robot working for about an hour and a lithium-polymer battery filled the air, without wires. The Cost Sphero 2. 0 in the Internet is supposedly 8 - 9 thousand Rubles..Beats Pill 2. 0Compact and lightweight, yet powerful PA system. Portable speaker connects with the "iPhone" via Bluetooth, and built-in microphone allows you to turn the device is in the Handsfree system. Complete with Beats Pill 2 are 1, 5-meter cable, USB charging cable and case.The tablet is compatible with many models of i-devices: iPhone (from 3GS), iPad and iPod. Also it is possible to connect mp3 players and laptops (Aux audio input and external speakers (on a linear analog stereo outputs). To buy the device for 12 thousand Rubles..ICon Toys iConMotorLittle machine with a built-in webcam, which you can control remotely from i-gadget. The maximum speed of the drive is 3 meters per second. When moving forward, the unit will automatically switch on blue light, and the back is red. He recorded video and pictures can be viewed on the smartphone screen. In respect of quadrocopters and other similar toys iConMotor budget - 4 - 5 thousand Rubles..The holder of a smartphone in a car Kenu AirframeUnlike the other "four", which are attached to the windshield, this model is convenient because it keeps the air vents and not blocking the view. The manufacturer informs that the Kenu Airframe is securely seated on any grilles - horizontal, vertical, angular and circular. Universal clamp makes the accessory is compatible with all iPhones from the first to the latest iPhone 6. Is Kenu Airframe in the area of 2 thousand Rubles..Twelve South HiRiseAluminium Stand with design "for Apple, which will look perfectly with reverse "fruit" products. Using HiRise, for example, you can place the smartphone on par with the MacBook. Accessory, importantly, does not cover access to the microphone, speakers and Lightning port, which means you have the opportunity to talk on FaceTime or listen to music with headphones, odnovremenno charging "iPhone". The stand is compatible with iPhone 5 and older, as well as mini-tablets, the iPad mini. Buy HiRise can presumably for 3 thousand rubles.Incase Sports ArmbandNew case-bracelet, which you can rent iPhone 6 with a run in the Park. Armband is attached to the hand using thick perforated bracelet. To run it even at night, because of the Insertion reflect light. The screen of the bracelet is protected by a pressure-sensitive cover. Price Armband - slightly above 2 thousand Rubles..Michael Kors CrossbodyDesign cover for "iPhone", which looks like a lady's clutch. Leather purse several departments: in addition to the i-device, it is possible to keep your money, Bank cards and other documents. Shoulder strap is included. In the Internet you can discover several models of handbags under the smartphones of different generations and sizes: from "four" to 5, 5 to 6 inch Plus. Sold accessory for 10 to 12 thousand Rubles..Wahoo Fitness RFLKTComputer that connects to the iPhone wirelessly and sends statistics about the trip (total time of check-in, range, agility, and So on). Can also be used to control music playback. Secure the RFLKT to the steering wheel or the carrying out of the bike, and is powered from a flat watch batteries. Price - about 5 thousand Rubles..UrBeatsUrBeats - new collection of in-ear headphones brand Beats by Dr. Dre.

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