The application Yeehay will introduce drivers in traffic, Cell phones

Different social networks in the world there is a great variety. Anyway, the developers still manage to find the original concept for facilitating communication. For example, Yeehay is a social network for drivers, which makes it possible to always know who is coming with you next.Yeehay - this is the app for iOS or Android. With it, developers cherish the hope to make the process of driving more personalized to increase driver responsibility for their actions. Social network is a valuable source of up to date information about everything that happens on the road - accident, police offices, tube and so on.Users have the ability to put a kind of status that move Together with them. Using GPS service tracks the location of the machine. Each user can set a different radius of status (for example, five hundred meters), when two cars appear within each loved one, on the "walls" of the drivers are published statuses to each loved one. So, Users in the same thread or in one tube always see messages other drivers nearby.When will the statuses can be made private, so they saw only a certain group of users (this will help, for example, to hide the discussion from STSI). You can also send status to certain users, for example, on the number of the car. To do this, simply insert it into the letter in the usual format references from Twitter - @x123xx45. If the driver uses Yeehay, he will receive the notification. Even If the social network account it is still not made, received "in absentia" message overtaken him after logging on to the service.In any event Yeehay can be easily shared in different social networks. In addition to status, Yeehay available so-called incidents is a mark on the map, informing about different events. Has 6 stickers - "Tube", "Crash", "Road works", "Patrol police", and "Attention". The latter can be used for almost anything - for example, to inform you that your car breaks down.Other people's statuses can be explained and evaluated. Similarly to the built-in navigation with voice prompts and map pockets. The program is available for free download in the App Store and Google Play.

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