Google has hidden links to the torrent tracker - Cell phones

The company Google continues to struggle with pirated content. In recent days various torrent trackers began to complain that the biggest and most popular search engine in the world deliberately hid the link to the first page of search results.Authorized Internet representation TorrentFreak said that the previous week the traffic from Google dropped by no less than 2 times. Presumably for the same amount of dropped traffic and The Pirate Bay. Anyway, at the world's largest tracker do not lose heart." We hope that will increase the number of direct hits users," said Authorized Internet representation. There were also problems with resources for "streaming" watching pirated videos. So, the website Free TV announced the reduction of search traffic to 96 %.Google began systematically to fight Internet piracy in 2012, announcing about the fact that Now the algorithms will reduce piracy in the issue. Until recently, however, a significant effect of pirate sites are not felt. The Firm also accepts requests from copyright holders to remove links from the search. Over the past year Google has received more than 224 million of such references..

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