Instagram creates competitor Snapchat - Cell phones

Administration instagram has placed inside of its Android client a link to the new application Bolt. In the description it was said that it is for sharing photos in one tap". Pressing the button FREE (" FREE" ), however, did not lead: she typed on a blank page in the Google Play store.Apparently, instagram released an advertising banner prematurely. Download link Bolt, which appeared suddenly and was gone within fifteen minutes, I saw only a few users. Anyway, some of them managed to make screenshots and upload them to Twitter.Remember that the organization's Facebook, which owns instagram, already has its own video and fotomessaggi - Slingshot. It was conceived as a competitor to the popular app Snapchat, which allows to exchange with my pals, messages, photos and videos, which are automatically deleted after a specified time.Slingshot also appeared previously scheduled: Annex briefly appeared in the App Store, but it was soon withdrawn. Later in the press service of Facebook confirmed that premature launch happened by mistake. Why organizations need to release another messenger, and the Bolt will be different from the Slingshot, unknown..

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