Bluetooth 4. 2 will be 2 times faster - Cell phones

The new standard Bluetooth 4. 2 will enable devices to access the world wide web directly. This may be a turning point for the spread of the concept of "Internet of things". Bluetooth 4. 2 is obliged to provide improved privacy and reduced power consumption.Non-profit organization The Bluetooth Special Interest Group said that the new standard is required to initiate a broad dissemination of the concept of "Internet of things" - smart home gadgets that will make life easier and more convenient. For example, light bulbs, thermometers, home appliances and so on will be able to communicate with each other and access the world wide web Ipv6/6LoWPAN using Bluetooth.Bluetooth 4. 2 provides a 2x faster transfer rate and consumes significantly less energy. It is most important to "put on" electronics - fitness bracelets and watches. New Bluetooth standard will help extend the life of gadgets.Bluetooth 4. 2 received advanced encryption, which garantiruet high security gadgets. If you own a device with Bluetooth 4. 0, you will be able to update the firmware of the module, to get some of the features of the new version of the device. Anyway, in order to fully enjoy the new generation of the transmitter, it will be necessary to do a hardware upgrade..

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