Qualcomm "cool" Snapdragon 810 for Samsung Cell phones

The largest manufacturer of mobile processors Qualcomm will recycle the Snapdragon processor 810, in the hope that he will still arise in the future flagship of Samsung Galaxy S6. First Korean Company decided to abandon the product of Qualcomm, because the test samples it was very overheated.It is not clear, will the Qualcomm processor to process the required Samsung timing smartphone, according to the summary data, are going to announce on March 2. If the American chipmaker will not have time, Koreans will use the chips of its production. According to rumors, the announcement of Galaxy S6 must occur at the beginning of March, at the Symposium Mobile World Congress.Interaction with Samsung critical to Qualcomm. Supply processors for Galaxy S6 will enable the organization to sell millions of chips. Moreover, to become a "heart" for the main Android flagship is an important tool for the reputation of the manufacturer.Some experts believe that Samsung still nourishes the hope that Qualcomm will have time to process chips. The most probable scenario is that in Asia Galaxy S6 will be released at the base of its own Exynos processors, and delivery in the United States and Europe will begin later, with a product of Qualcomm. The fact that processors should "friend" used by operators in the U.S. and Europe LTE frequencies.While other organizations that have already set in their flagship Snapdragon processor 810, the overheating problem is not encountered. So, LG denies any trouble with the new "stone" in flexible G Flex 2..

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