Plantation Apple will offer users an adapted interface - Cell phones

The larger of the 2 models of the iPhone 6, which Apple is expected to present 9 September, will be able to display in some applications a More informative interface. Such a possibility was found by the developers, by manipulating the settings of the iOS simulator 8.As expected, the screen resolution 5, 5-inch plantation Apple will make 1472 x 828 pixels. Setting the iOS simulator 8 proper resolution interface developer Stephen Trouton-Smith discovered an interesting behavior of the number of embedded applications.On a normal iPhone, for example, the Contacts during the rotation of the screen in landscape mode displays the same list, just "stretched" in width. On the iPad in a similar position, the program displays a list of contacts in the left column of the screen, on the right you can view the details of each record.How do I find Trouton-Smith, "big" iPhone 6 Apple was allowed to withdraw the tips in a more informative, "tablet" mode. It can be assumed that a similar opportunity will have third party apps. It turns out that the owners of larger smartphone will have not only increased the screen, but with the mind which will involve its dimensions software..

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