The first tablets on OSes from Yandex - Cell phones

Russian Company Yandex continues to develop its own operating system " Yandex. Kit" based on Android. At the base OS is already released several smartphones, and now commercially available and two tablets.Tablets with "Yandex" inside are produced under the brand Smarto. Two models are available: 8-inch Smarto 3GD52i (resolution of 1280 by 800 pixels) and 10-inch Smarto 3GDi10 (Full HD - 1920 x 1080). The Junior model is about 7 000 rubles, the eldest is about 10 000.Both devices are able to work in Wi-Fi and 3G networks, while using the 8-inch model, when you will, you can make calls. New work on the Intel Atom Z2580 with a frequency of 2 GHz. 8-inch version is equipped with a Gigabyte of RAM, and a 10-inch - 2 GB. Also Both phones have got 8 GB of space on the internal storage, expandable via microSD. In appendage, Yandex offers 50 free gigabytes in a private cloud storage.Remember that " Yandex. Keith is not based on the latest version of Android 4. 2. 2 (the latest version from Google is 4. 4). In the firmware by default uses the most popular services of Yandex search, maps and mail. In the form of a user interface installed Yandex. Shell - launcher, born in the acquisition of "Yandex" at the end of 2011 the organization SPB Software developer SPB Shell.Interface " Yandex. China has a number of interesting features. For example, the address book is integrated with a database of organisations (shops, banks and So On - it came from Google in Android 4. 4), and search in the "Contacts" takes into account not only the short names (" Kolya" Nikolai" ), but writing in a different layout (dialed "Nicholas", smart phone finds "Nikolay" ). Probably the most great lack of OS - lack of access to Google Play and against a small assortment of applications Yandex. Store..

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