The photo editor VSCO Cam has arisen iPad-version - Cell phones

The firm Visual Supply released a new version of VSCO Cam is a powerful editor photos with a minimalist interface. The list of devices supported by the application (iPhone/Android), was added iPad. Release 4. 0 not only drove under the clear, 9, 7-inch Retina display, and adapted to it.The application uses the working space of the tablet and makes it possible to compare two identical images with different degrees of processing (Preview Gallery), placing them opposite each other. So, users will be able to get the exact idea about what they want to watch.In addition, the new version did the sync feature, which allows you to edit the "iPad" photos taken on the iPhone, and Vice versa. Sync works on Android, so users now are not depending on a particular device.Another innovation VSCO Cam 4. 0 - a platform for publishing Journal, which allows you to create a long "photo story" and provide the image text. Users, for example, have the opportunity to comment on the photo with not too long ago carried out a vacation to exhibit their art projects and other themed collections, and friends to view them within the app or browser on your computer.Version of VSCO Cam for iPhone was also improved. Appeared advanced camera settings, And among them the manual focus mode, exposure, white balance and exposure compensation. And the new web loader allows you to import and edit Canon photo..

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