IPhone 6 blue in the pockets of his jeans - Cell phones

Immediately after the announcement of users around the world protested the presence on the back cover of the iPhone 6 ugly plastic strips. Now some complain that when wearing the device in the pocket of his jeans white plastic insert irreversibly colored fabric.Stripes on the iPhone case - dark grey black model and white in silver and gold is necessary in order for the device to work properly with the network, are beneath the antenna apparatus. However, as it turned out, the controversial design element of gadgets over time, can and does cause irreparable harm to the appearance of the phone.Users who carry the phone in a jeans pocket without a case, complain that plastic inserts over time, colored tissue, becoming blue or dirty-gray - it gives the phone a sleazy appearance. To clean the device has received the damage could not locate any soap or alcohol, or other household cleaners.The new generation iPhone immediately after his exit was at the center of scandals." Plantation" iPhone 6 Plus criticized the fact that it is too easy to bend. Recently iPhone 6 Plus Not only bent, but caught fire, causing its owner to serious burns..

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