Anonymous Tor network was attacked by hackers - Cell phones

Developers anonymous Tor network, which is used by users to hide their IP address to surf the Internet without leaving traces, said about the attempt of hacking tools. The attack occurred in the first part of the year: between February and July.Unidentified took advantage of previously unknown vulnerability in the Protocol Tor (by this time she removed) to decrypt the traffic and deanonymization users." Users who ruled or had access to hidden services since the beginning of February to the 4th of July, are obliged to admit that they have suffered," said the Tor blog. How many users could be compromised, not reported.The service administrators suggested that the attack most likely are scientists from the University of Carnegie Mellon, because that's what they were going to talk about how hacking Tor at hacker conference Black Hat, which opens on August 2 in Las Vegas.It had to be Alexander the air from the Computer Emergency Response Team, developed the method of deanonymization. Last week, however, the Performance was canceled because the materials that he was going to present, "has not been approved for public release".The feedback of the developers of Tor, fashion, created by scientists at Carnegie Mellon, is illegal." From a legal point of view to attack real users, modifying their traffic is not a very good idea for researchers," they wrote..

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