Facebook will help drunks defend shame - Cell phones

Spreading is done in the drunk pictures to the social media users seem to forget that their "exploits" will be able to see everything - from the mother to the head. Facebook is going to launch a system that will protect against this.Yan Li kun involved in Facebook developments in the field of artificial intelligence, said that now his team analyzes user behavior. This work should lead to the creation of a digital assistant that will be able to limit to human ability download "drunken" photo and to assist in other matters.If the Algorithms assistant determines that the content of the photo inappropriate, he will ask the user: "are you sure You want your boss and mom saw it?" The system should help and If your pictures with corporate made a decision to place someone else. The algorithms will determine which is done by a colleague picture captures You, and asks you for permission to text. If You are against, other users will not be able to post compromising pictures..

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