Smartphones of the future will provide terabytes of memory - Cell phones

Scientists from rice University in Texas (USA) showed the production technology RRAM - resistive memory with random access, which will enable to increase the amount of available "RAM" in smartphones and tablets in the tens and even hundreds of times. The story is about one of the types of RRAM, which has higher density and lower power consumption than the "normal" memory. In addition to this, it is more compact.At this point in time the release of the modules RRAM memory are just a few organizations. The process of production of such chips are expensive and very complex - it requires high temperatures and voltage for switching in leading condition.Scientists from rice did offer a different approach that allows you to create cell RRAM memory at room temperature and a much lower voltage. It is the use of porous silicon oxide as the main dielectric material.The resulting cells are more reliable, require no energy expenditure for storing information, have the ability to store up to nine data bits per cell and provide a higher speed write/read data (up to one hundred times faster than flash memory). Most importantly, the new technology facilitates the stacking of layers RRAM memory That makes it possible to increase the volume of the stored information. One of the prototypes density storage of data is so high That on a chip the size of a postage stamp has the capability to be fitted terabytes of memory..

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