Tesla wins in Apple war for the best experts - Cell phones

Corporation Apple and manufacturer " cars of the future Tesla actively war for prospective employees. This confrontation is essentially "stuck" wages and led to the emergence of numerous bonuses. Anyway, so far Apple war for the best minds loses.Currently Tesla hired away from Apple for more than 150 employees, reports Bloomberg. This is significantly more than any other organization, including automotive. Apple trying to stop the brain drain and return Zenich workers back in Cupertino promise to give wages to 60% more than the proposed Tesla, and to pay bonuses, reaching a quarter of a million dollars.Anyway, so far Apple has managed to entice from Tesla on these conditions only a few workers. Tesla, on the other hand, does not fail on cash bonuses, but simply gives employees an expensive electric car. Active confrontation Apple with Tesla's most correspondents consider confirmation of the spread in the last period of time gossiping about the fact that Apple are working on creating their own unmanned vehicle. This is why working on this in different areas of the organization suddenly turned into a competition in terms of labor.Among the main reasons for his departure from Apple in Tesla peremetnuvshihsya workers referred to as, most importantly, perspective. Tesla is still a small Company in the Beginning of his way, that's why for new workers have incredible prospects for career enhancement. Apple, on the other hand, is a well-established Corporation with several authoritarian approach to managing their employees to move up the career ladder it is much more difficult..

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