"Yandex. Money " put a subscription fee for inactive purses - Cell phones

Russian payment system Yandex. Money" updated user agreement. It appeared a new paragraph, according to which the e-wallets that hasn't been used for 2 years, will be charged a monthly subscription fee in the amount of 270 rubles. Fresh service rules will come into force on 25 September, announced the Company.Under the changed rules, the fee is charged only If an inactive account funds are available. If the account is empty, it will not be charged. For those who use Yandex. Money periodically (or will execute at least one operation for two years), the service account will remain free.The need to enter a license fee for abandoned purses due to the complexity of their support, commented in "Yandex". "The longer the account is inactive, so it is harder for us to support him in order: important legal and technical solutions - for example, the transition Yandex. Money in the NPO status or account protection from rogues one-time SMS password is impossible without participation of the owner of the purse," said the organization.Subscription fee will be charged immediately. 30 days prior to the first deduction "Yandex" will warn about this owner's account, by sending him an e-mail a letter of recommendation to perform at least one payment or transfer..

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