Xiaomi will take in trade-in an iPhone - Cell phones

The most successful (from the point of view of the growth in market share) results 2014 manufacturer of smartphone, Xiaomi, has decided to attract many Chinese fans of Apple. The founder and CEO of the organization, lei Jun has promised to run the program, trade-in, which, passing his old iPhone, the consumer will be able to get a new smartphone Xiaomi.About this he wrote in his own microblog service Sina Weibo (local substitute is banned in China Twitter). According to Jun, outdated iPhone 5s will be possible to exchange (with charge or without is not specified) right now announced plantation Mi Note. In exchange for the fresh iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus will be possible to rely on advanced model, Mi Note Pro.Jun said That the exchange program will be available to all iPhone owners, regardless of wealth hold device. It is Possible That the exchange compact and already outdated iPhone 5s on Mi new Note with its stylish design and large screen and the truth will interest many. As to exchange the iPhone 6 or even 6 Plus Mi Note Pro, that deal seems to be not very attractive..

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