Tools of the month. An overview of the main Android apps September - Cell phones

We don't stop to watch the news ON Android-based smartphones and tablet computers. In September, the developers were pleased child "censor" for YouTube, another sadistic service, secure chat on the BitTorrent technology and other innovations.HomeTubeNot all of the content on YouTube is equally useful for most children. There are lots of interesting and informative videos Are high-quality cartoons, but it has to be fished out of the ocean uninteresting or even fundamentally Not suitable children video.To select the best and present it in an easy to use by children the interface is the application HomeTube for Android. It is an aggregator of children's content, which you will can be used as a launcher that replaces the home screen of your smartphone or tablet. By default, it is available about a dozen "channels" with the popular cartoons and shows, and paying br34, you can find the content on their own. This should be done, if you want to add Russian content - all programs offered in the default application, in English.Settings cannot be activated unintentionally - to access them you need to click on the "gear" six times in a row. In General, a promising application that allows for some time to "neutralize" a hyperactive child. However, the lack of offline mode is a substantial limitation, "tying" the user to a Wi-Fi or cellular network operator.HomeTube can be downloaded from Google Play for free, unlock function, the selection of content is br34.SpinMe Alarm ClockApplication developers-alarms continue to invent fresh inhumane ways users get him out of the clutches of sleep. SpinMe Alarm Clock disable signal, only if you will get out of bed and take two turns around its axis, while holding the smartphone in a certain method.So the application gives the opportunity to defend the position when the user half presses the button "snooze" the alarm clock or even turn it off, then well back asleep. After some simple exercises that will make to do SpinMe Alarm Clock, sleep back will not be so easy.Focusing on ambiguous estimates in Google Play, the application depends on the model of the accelerometer used in the mobile phone. Cheaper options are able to determine the rotation of the user is not successful or does not work.The app is available for free download in Google Play. In-app purchase gives you the ability to disable ads.BoxerThe more you have to use email, the more pronounced become disadvantages of the most common Android client for it: the regular program or client for Gmail. Many times we have written about the application Mailbox that have successfully reduced the processing time of each incoming message to a second going to swipe your finger and touch the screen, and connecting-mail with the list of tasks.A similar philosophy professed by the developers Boxer in September appeared in Google Play. The application, as opposed to from the Mailbox, supports a much greater range of postal services: here, there and Exchange, and Yahoo, and most other types of boxes, and not only Gmail and iCloud. In addition, there are plenty of useful features: quick access to the prepared answers, the answer is one "like", integration with social networks and much more.Details about the program can be found in our material.The app is available for free download in Google Play. For $ 10 you can proofreading program to the Pro version - it can be connected to the Boxer several e-mail accounts with their own harvest ready answers and add an automatic signature to your emails.BleepThe company BitTorrent, created the popular torrent client uTorrent, released a public alpha version of Bleep - new messenger for conducting secure communications. The app is available on Android devices, Windows and Mac.Bleep is designed for calls, messaging and photos in encrypted form. The chat has grown from a project BitTorrent Chat, which was announced by the company in 2012. Messenger, based on decentralized data transmission, based on the same principles as the torrents: it has no Central server, which would be stored correspondence.Users Bleep do have the ability to log in using the email address or mobile phone number, or to communicate in incognito mode. Also you can import contacts from the address book, Google, invite your friends to chat via email, SMS, QR code or the public key. More information about the program uses technology and the current shortcomings, we have written here.Bleep can be downloaded for free in the Google Play store.Noyze Volume PanelA new application that does not require root access and thus gives the opportunity to create a panel volume control Android in practice anything. First, you can modify its interface from minimalist to deployed before, sorry, in the style of Windows Phone. Secondly, long press the volume keys can be scheduled to run different applications or change of track in the player.Finally, Noyze help out, if you swing the volume of the apparatus is hopelessly jammed in the 1st area then you can disable it and just adjust the volume via software. The only "but" is a version of Android 4. 3 and above, because in earlier iterations does not have the correct application of the right of access and software interfaces.Noyze Volume Panel is available as a free download in Google Play in-app purchase unlocks additional features and settings.HorizonAll know how it's frustrating to watch the movie, shot on a smartphone, which who were not smart enough to rotate horizontally. The solution offers application Horizon, in September, appeared in version for Android: the program is able to shoot video in landscape orientation, even if you hold the smartphone vertically or even at an angle. However, in the end, there are several "but".The app uses the gyroscope in order to understand in which situation at the moment is the device. In the process of shooting the camera can be moved from the vertical to the horizontal mode, the result is not affected. The program provides the ability to change the resolution at any time. Video has the ability to be in 1080p (16: 9), 720p (16: 9) or in VGA resolution (4: 3, 640 x 480 pixels).Needless to say, this app is not a panacea. When you shoot, hold the smartphone vertikalno, video is recorded only a small part of the image sensor as if you used digital zoom. For this reason, first, the frame gets much smaller objects (" angle of view becomes narrower), and, second, reducing the present resolution images. Besides, if you turn the smartphone during shooting, the picture is choppy. Finally, the camera Horizon cannot be accessed as fast as a native app for photo and video from the lock screen.The app is currently available for free in Google Play.Updates and innovationsNot to mention a few important updates, applications, and innovations in the Google ecosystem.So, although the new version of OSes, Android L, while not yet officially released, its brand "material design" can be found in the Google Play store more often. By itself, does not remain in the country itself and Google who finally updated the style of the mobile version of the Chrome browser.Not the most elegant from the perspective of design, the program was ultimately significantly nicer, fortunately, the functionality is Not damaged. Read more about the update can be found here.The number of users "chamboko" until not very long, but it continues to grow. As native applications for Chrome OS until not so very many, Google has decided to make the engine to run on it applications developed for Android. The first of the programs, who have mastered such compatibility, steel Duolingo, Evernote and Vine. Read more on this link.By the way, Evernote last month also received a major update, changing externally (in the "material design" ) and functional (added universal button "new note", function Web Clipper to save the text, links and images from a browser). Another of the popular Android applications updated Viber: the program is now able to make video calls, the former "exclusive" desktop buyers of the popular service for Internet telephony. Details here..

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