"Yandex" has launched a service for transfers from card to card - Cell phones

Russian Company "Yandex" has launched a new service which gives the opportunity to transfer money from one credit card to another without registration e-wallet. To use them is very simple: you need to specify details of one card (number, expiry date, CVV/CVC), enter the amount to transfer and the card number of the recipient.Service "remittances" is available in both browser and mobile applications for iOS and Android. Cards of any Bank of the Russian Federation, connected to payment systems VISA or MasterCard. When translated through the web interface of the Commission in the amount of 1, 95% of the amount, but not less than 30 rubles.With one card you can send up to 75 thousand Rubles. at a time. Amount per month shall not exceed five hundred thousand Roubles. (maximum 50 translations). The term money, according to Yandex, is " from a couple of minutes to a few days - it all depends on the Bank that issued the card. Payment processing is engaged in "Alfa-Bank".In mobile applications, the translation rules are a little different. It says the Commission 1, 9% but More than 40 rubles. The maximum amount of transfers (up to 4 per day and up to 100 per month) is limited to 70 thousand rubles. Financial service LLC provides "Arius".It is also required that the card was protected by 3-D Secure technology, when the cardholder is issued a PIN-codes (for example, in the form of an SMS to confirm the Internet payments. Functions and interface versions for Android and iPhone is almost no different from a loved one. In both applications, you can hover your smartphone camera at the card and scan data. This is useful when you do not want to enter the details manually.In General, the service "Yandex" can be useful for making quick translation: when, for example, urgently need to fill up a credit card or send money to relatives." in most cases", says the organization, " it happens instantly. Moreover, it is not necessary to register to enter the Internet Bank or to create an electronic wallet, and 2 percent Commission cannot be considered as high..

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