Chapter YouTube wants to introduce paid subscriptions - Cell phones

The largest global YouTube, owned by Google, is considering the introduction of subscriptions for users. For a monthly fee viewers will get rid of the advertising.About the fact that YouTube is thinking About introducing paid subscriptions, said at the Symposium Code/Mobile CEO of YouTube Susan Wolitski. Specific variants of the new "premium" service, it has not led, however, did not exclude that paid subscribers will save you from having to watch ads.In 2013, YouTube has allowed small channels to sell subscription users, However, since the promotion of such models was not engaged. Wolitski also agreed that YouTube is preparing a music service Music Key, such as Google Play Music All Access (previously the world wide web have had even screenshots of the relevant application). However, to talk about its features and possible start time top Manager would not.In addition, during the interview, the head of YouTube has led an interesting statistic. If even 2 years ago a Large number of video on YouTube occurred on desktop computers, today more than half of them fall on the mobile device. It was promoted as a wide spread of smartphones and tablet computers, and the active development of high-speed data networks 4G..

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