Copenhagen will be swargarohini "smart" city Cell phones

The power of Copenhagen started the implementation of a large-scale project, which will transform the city into a single "smart" system. It will save electricity, make streets safer and reduce air pollution.Street lighting will be replaced with "smart" LED-lamps, which are able to transmit data in real-time. Special green LEDs will illuminate bike paths to make the move to a greener transport more convenient and safe. The project was called "Green wave"."Smart" will be and other traffic lights. So, drivers will be able to watch from a smartphone, when the ready light. In suburban area lights will be equipped with sensors So that the light will ignite only when in range of a lamp will include people or move the machine. This will save a large number of electricity.Through innovation Copenhagen hopes to become the green capital of the world by 2025. Also a new smart city network will carry out other functions - for example, to notify the health service about the need to clean with garbage cans, to calculate optimal routes for drivers and more. It is amazing how much useful information can be obtained through the built-in lamp sensors."We are moving from a very simple technology to create a network in which a variety of items will be able to "talk" to each other," says project Manager Kim Broston. He said that the upgrade paths and General optimization can make the bike the most preferred means of transport for every second inhabitant of the city.Fresh system must provide a priority on the road for buses and bicycles, which again will serve as an incentive to reject the car..

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