Microsoft introduced "smart bracelet" with support for Windows, iOS and Android Cell phones

Microsoft, confirming going since the summer of unverified information, today introduced its first worn device - bracelet monitoring of physical activity and display notifications from smartphones. The new product named Microsoft Band will appear on sale in the USA today at the price of 199 dollars.Functionality Microsoft Band whose appearance was designed by the Creator of the Xbox One by Quentin Morris, surpasses the majority counterparts. Thus, the device is able to track not only physical activity, quality of sleep and heart rate, but also, for example, the degree of exposure to ultraviolet light or stress level. In addition, the bracelet has a built-in GPS receiver, So that, for example, to take the smartphone for a jog to track workout, it will not be necessary.Just an Electronic device with a color screen resolution 310 102 points are equipped with ten different sensors, and on a single battery charge can consider two days. Microsoft did not limit the compatibility of your Band only their own OSes Windows for new released app clients Microsoft Health not only for Windows Phone, but under the competing platforms - iOS and Android. There is also an app for syncing data with a Mac, but for Windows 8. 1 - for some reason, as long as it is up.The bracelet can display the alerts coming from a paired smartphone on any of the three leading mobile platforms. However, in the case of Windows Phone functionality is still a little wider - you receive the support you create notes with the voice assistant Cortana. All data coming from the bracelet, stored and processed new service Microsoft Health, such as Apple HealthKit or Google Fit..

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