The Pirate Bay has adapted to smartphones - Cell phones

One of the world's largest online representation, which allows to download pirated movies, music and The Pirate Bay has launched the mobile version." Okocim" smartphone owners, " the pirate Bay plans fresh projects.The new site, the appearance of which is adapted to small screens of smartphones, has been nazuna The Mobile Bay. On the title page, placed a large logo, and under it - the search field. Technically the mobile version of "the Bay" works the same as a desktop with the same functions. The main advantage - easier navigation and searching information on the touch screens.The main target audience of the Internet representation, Clearly, will be the owners of Android-based smartphones installed uTorrent or another application, as for other mobile platforms full torrent clients until not developed. Visitors with mobile devices, advanced to the main site Pirate Bay, will now be routed to the mobile version (if desired redirection can be disabled).The plans of the creators of the Internet representation, for that year, successfully beating off all the attacks of the police organization and the media industry and only increasing the attendance, the development of new projects. The story is about individual sites for finding music, movies, and TV series. Each of them will be adapted depending on the features they offer content. For example, television site will give you the opportunity in a friendly interface to preview all links to the episodes in any other show, and when you will download the entire season..

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