Rumor: Microsoft will "bury" Internet Explorer - Cell phones

Microsoft may have decided to start from scratch in the development of its browser for Windows. To compete with Chrome, Firefox and Opera in the new OSes will be a new application for viewing web pages, codenamed Spartan.The main news (insider information told the portal ZDNet. Com) is "Spartan" will not be regular, 12-th version of Internet Explorer. Microsoft would like to have the program became more similar to bypassing Internet Explorer in terms of popularity Chrome and Firefox. However, to go to, for example, to start using Webkit, Gecko or their derivatives.ZDNet reports that the new app will remain first developed by Microsoft technologies, including JavaScript engine Chakra and system of rendering pages Trident. And from the "old" Internet Explorer until the end will not refuse browser will continue to put out Windows 10 in order to ensure compatibility.Remember, before this year, Microsoft revealed plans to release in 2015 a new version of its operational system - Windows 10, which will be a universal OS for both desktop and portable PCs, and mobile, and even worn devices. The trial version of "ten" can be downloaded for free, and the presentation of the next new features of the OS from Microsoft will take place on January 21..

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