YouTube users will be able to donate money to the TV - Cell phones

As long as all the stress would expect a paid music service on location YouTube, Google quietly launched on the hosting system of collecting monetary donations. Now viewers will be able to support your favourite channels not only views, but also the "ruble". Rather, the ruble until just will not work.At this point in time, the novelty started just 4 countries: USA, Australia, Japan and Mexico. Users of these States have already noticed the new "Donate" button to Donate). It leads to a menu where you can quickly send to the owner of the channel, the dollar, five dollars or their own selected amount.Google takes a small Commission for transfer (5 % 0, 21 dollars). So, if you send 10 dollars to the owner of the channel gets 9, 29 dollar. Money can only be sent using Google Wallet." in the future we plan to provide access to this feature, users from many countries," said Commissioner YouTube..

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