With the speed of thought. Browse the best third-party keyboards for iOS 8 - Cell phones

Most iPhone and iPad users (according to the latest data - 48%) have already updated to iOS 8. This version of the Apple OS for the first time provides application developers with unprecedented access to the system. One of the major improvements is the ability to create iOS 8 third-party keyboards that have the ability to handle text input much better than regular. However, for Russian-speaking user selection is still small. News. The tech examined the currently available time keyboard and filtered out the best of them.How to install and activate a third-party keyboard in iOS 8?You should download one of the applications of keyboards from the App StoreGo to "Settings" - "General". Scroll down a bit and find the "Keyboard".Click "fresh keyboard".In the menu that appears you will see all installed keyboard. Select the desiredNow to change the keyboard you can use a long press on the icon "planet" in the bottom row of buttons, which when pressed once, change the input language.FleksyWonderful multi-lingual product. Still Flexy is the only third-party text keyboard that supports and Russian. In Flexy you never have to worry about that, to clearly get the keys. Algorithms keyboard rather just put the words, which would be unimaginable typos you do. Control the text very quickly, you can use special gestures. When you desire, you can quickly replace the keyboard size - depending on what is important to you at any given moment is more comfortable typing or larger free space on the screen.However, the iOS version in Russian is still not literally perfect. From time to time the keyboard podslushivaet, disappears and, subjectively, working not as good as the version for Android. Hopefully, the developers in the near future will bring the iOS version of the product to more established wealth.The app is available for download in the App Store for 33 rublesKuaiBoardModern people often have to communicate stamps, endlessly repeating one and the same phrase. KuaiBoard (formerly known as QuickBoard) allows you to add templates most different texts, which can be quickly and conveniently gain access to insert it in one click.Considering that iOS 8 allows you to quickly switch between multiple keyboards, KuaiBoard it is possible to install additional options (as a small insert placeholder text is not frequent), continue to apply in the normal mode, the standard keyboard or the same Swype.The app is available for download in the App Store for 66 rubles.PopKeyToday's young people rarely Express their emotions with words and more used emoticons, stickers and funny "gifti". It is in order to quickly share moving images, and developed a fun keyboard PopKey.It's simple - instead of letters at the keyboard a few screens with a choice of "gitk". There is a fairly extensive library of moving images that can be used in conversation. However, if your favorite pictures in it will not appear, you can easily add your own.By the way, on this link you can read our article about any other application that allows iPhone owners to communicate without words.PopKey is available for free download in the App Store TextExpanderThis keyboard is not translated into Russian, but, in principle, functional without it. The principle of the program is quite simple - the application exposes hammered you phrase in the form of AutoCorrect for certain cuts. This function has the capability to be a large number of applications. First, it allows for faster printing, because, for example, "kdl" has the ability to be automatically replaced with " how are you doing?" and "mng" - " I'm Sorry, but I feel uncomfortable at the present time to speak.".

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