Americans spend on Facebook for 40 minutes a day - Cell phones

Americans Usually spend 40 minutes a day reading "the Chronicles", writing posts, view photos and chatting with friends in Facebook. While a year earlier US users spent on the site about 17, 39 minutes. About it said the CEO of the social network mark Zuckerberg on the announcement of the organization's financial statements for the second quarter of 2014.Just the same, said Zuckerberg, Americans interact with digital media (this includes computers, mobile device and TV) for 9 hours a day. Against this background, the time they spend on Facebook, it seems not so great.Social networking has become a truly "mobile" company: 62% of its advertising revenue now accounts for mobile phones and tablets. Still two years before Facebook did not show ads on mobile devices. And 1, and 32 billion active users each month, about one-third (399 million) comes into Facebook from a smartphone.In General, Facebook has completed a very successful quarter. Revenue increased by 61% from 1, 83 billion for the same period last year up to 2, 91 billion." Clean" the Firm has earned 791 million dollars against 333 million in 2013.Reporting Facebook were better than analysts had expected. They expected that the revenues of the social network will not exceed 2, 8 billion, as well as lower cash receipt from ad impressions. After the announcement of the financial results of the campaign organization has risen by 5% and began to bargain over 75, 14, dollar apiece..

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