Microsoft distributes free Windows 8. 1 with Bing manufacturers - Cell phones

Microsoft began offering manufacturers a $ 10 discount for installing the operating system " Windows 8. 1 with Bing for fresh tablets with Intel chip and the screen size of no more than 9 inches. According to the website ZDNet, often the partners build OS costs $10 per copy. So, minus the new " discounts on the configuration, they will be able to get it for free.The story is about a special "eight", which was announced in 2014. It is almost indistinguishable from "normal" Assembly 8. 1, except that Bing is selected as a search engine by default, and MSN. Com as the home page in the browser. The firm, however, does not force customers to use these products: they have the opportunity at any time to change these characteristics as they want.To stimulate the market for Windows-based devices, Microsoft gives the same discount on Windows 8. 1 with Bing for tablets more than 9 inches. The cost of licenses was reduced from 25 up to $15.The question about how many manufacturers will be Windows 10 and will they be afforded the same discounts, remains open. Maybe the price policy will be discussed on a dedicated "top ten" press conference, which will take place tomorrow, January 21..

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