New SMS-virus threatens to users of Android Cell phones

On the Internet is gaining momentum new "aggressive" version of SMS virus Selfmite, first detected in June." The worm, which, after entering the system sends out thousands of spam messages that are already infected Android device users from 16 countries, including the Russian Federation.the 1st version of the Trojan, Selfmite. A, cybersecurity researchers revealed in the summer. He sent a link to the APK installer that contains malicious code, the first 20 contacts in the address book of the victim. His new form, Selfmite. B, more aggressive - it sends thousands of SMS to all contacts, and does it in a circle, warned in an organization AdaptiveMobile."according to our information, Selfmite. B responsible for sending more than 150 thousand messages over the last ten days with a little over a hundred infected devices," said analyst AdaptiveMobile Denis Maslennikov. According to him, Selfmite. B generates a hundred times more traffic than its first version.Usually from one model dispatched 1500 messages. It can be costly to users whose tariff plan does not include unlimited SMS. In addition, certain operators have the ability to permanently block customer number as spam. If Selfmite. A most threatened users in North America, Selfmite. A was discovered on Android-powered devices in at least 16 countries, including the Russian Federation, Canada, China, India, Syrian Arab Republic, and Mexico.To protect yourself from Selfmite, you should download apps from the official Google Play store, prohibiting the installation of alternative sources. To disable this feature, go to "Settings" - "Security" and uncheck the checkbox next to "unknown sources". how else can you protect Android - read our review..

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