Google secretly passed workers Wikileaks the US authorities - Cell phones

Google for 2, 5 years concealed, giving the U.S. authorities full access to the accounts of three reporters who worked with Wikileaks project, in the spring of 2012.. By associates of Julian Assange Wikileaks about it said only in early winter 2014.The company Google recognizes that continuously receives requests for disclosure from governments and courts around the world.Orders to Access data correspondents Wikileaks - Sarah Harrison, Joseph Farrell and Christina of Hrafnsson were issued by the court in March 2012, informs the Last news . Google says that the data about these orders were ordered to keep secret. Access to correspondence and other records of the correspondents was necessary to the court in the investigation Wikileaks on charges of conspiracy to espionage. Workers Wikileaks used the mail to Gmail for everyday correspondence.Lawyers Internet representation Wikileaks appealed to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Google Eric Schmidt. They told me that "surprised and concerned" by the fact that the Corporation took so much time to alert your users about the fact that the U.S. court has regard to them the order to "digital search". The founder of the Internet representation of Wikileaks Julian assange wrote in his book that regard, Google and the U.S. government originate in 2002. Most Google Employees have connection with U.S. foreign policy. Before assange has been accused Google of having leaked information about users of the secret services.The founder of Wikileaks is now housed in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to defend against extradition to Sweden, where he is suspected of criminal acts of a sexual nature. The U.S. government, for its part, suspect Assange with espionage: on its Internet office he published confidential documents U.S. Department of state. If Assange is found guilty, he could face punishment including the death penalty..

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