Lenovo sells more smartphones than computers - Cell phones

Several years ago, the Chinese Lenovo perceived, most importantly, as a major supplier of PC. However, in 2014 the Company has overcome the psychological turn - now Lenovo sells more smartphones than computers and can rightly be called a mobile company.Smartphone shipments during the quarter, Lenovo increased by 39 % compared with the same period last year, reaching fifteen, 8 million devices. Personal computers Chinese firm sold "only" 14, 5 million.However, a large share of the smartphone (13 million) were made by the company on the domestic market. The position of Lenovo in China strong as in the segment of flagship devices, and budgetary niches. Lenovo calls itself the most popular device manufacturer in China, but experts put the company in second place after Xiaomi.Position Lenovo as strong as ever on other markets. For example, the Company has already captured 20% of the world market for personal computers. The popularity of tablets manufacturer increased by 67 % compared with the previous year. So, Lenovo has become the third largest manufacturer of tablets after Apple and Samsung, and in the Russian market not so long ago actually overtook both of these organizations..

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