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Since the beginning of another battle in the long war game consoles a year has passed. That is how much time users in the United States and several other countries (the rest of the world, including the Russian Federation is significantly less) have the opportunity to choose between the 2 main competitors, the Xbox One from Microsoft and PlayStation 4 from Sony.During the greater part of 2014 "Japanese", it seemed that wins the battle - Authorized Sony periodically reported on significantly higher sales than Microsoft. The reasons for this were many, for example - the price is $ 100 higher than the PS4. Last but not least played a role somewhat ambiguous solutions (mandatory application of the Kinect controller, binding the console is connected to the Network to run games and other), adopted in Redmond yesterday to release new products on the market, and then revised. Many also doubt inspired message about the fact that in the same games as the graphics (to be precise, the picture resolution is Not always synonymous) the Xbox One is lower than the PlayStation 4.In the end, ACCORDING to the information at the end of October 2014 supposedly for one year Sony has sold 19, 1 million consoles of all generations, and Microsoft - 12, 9 million But the dynamic has begun to change already in the 3rd quarter - console from Microsoft are quickly catching up device Sony due to release a cheaper version without Kinect and many updates ON making the Xbox One a more comfortable and functional. Finally, in some markets at the beginning of the new year's boom in sales, Microsoft has lowered the price of Xbox One (U.S. $ 50) and here is the result: November selling console in America has reached 1, 2 million units, surpassing the similar parameters of rival Sony's PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Wii U. Just as with the start of sales, ACCORDING to mid-November, Microsoft has supplied retailers worldwide, 10 million units of the Xbox One.After receiving a couple of weeks ago Microsoft console for a test, we tried to figure out what is the Xbox One a year later, inferior competitors, and what exceeds them. Not trying to take away bread from colleagues from Gmbox, let's leave them to discuss the advantages and shortcomings of available for console games (quality and truly innovative NextGen-titles more), as well as a convenient and inconvenient parts of the controller (in our opinion, it is ultimately more comfortable than the PS4).Look at the bigger picture, the more that Microsoft continues to position the Xbox One as more than just a console. Indeed, the initial device was intended by the developers as a universal media center, designed to implement all functions that have the opportunity to take sat down at the TV user. And even if he sat down to play, why not only make life easier, For example, running in split screen Skype, Twitch or panel that displays in-game progress in real time? Unfortunately, at first, And even in the summer, minor flaws, crudity And just errors left users have mixed feelings. Currently, And after the most published in the October update of the firmware, Xbox One is perceived literally different.The October update has significantly improved multi-tasking with split screen. Remember, double click the center button on the Xbox controller causes the cross-shaped menu surveillance "pinned app" - that is, those who have the ability to appear as a narrow vertical strip, "stuck" to the edge of the screen." Stick" can be one of several system applications (record gameplay, Achievements, Etc. or downloaded from the "Store" - like Skype or YouTube. Between playing in the main part of the screen and "sticky" application can be toggled by double clicking on Xbox and then press D-pad right or left. This functionality (if, of course, you need certainly puts the Xbox One ahead of the competition.The number of innovations in the October update touched the multimedia capabilities of the Xbox One. The console finally got full DLNA support, so now "to stream" on her pictures, videos and music from any DLNA-compatible sources has become Even easier. In addition, the inevitable happened - was created to support traditionally unloved major electronics manufacturers, but such popular Internet videos in the container. Mkv. All of this is not only stated "for show" features - they really are generally trouble free, Full HD video is played quickly not only with specifically connected to the console media, but also via a wired LAN.Not more significant, but important for many innovations brought and the November update. In it, for example, an opportunity arose to set as background dashbord arbitrary image. In addition, developing integration with Twitter saved gameplay videos now can without question send to your followers. And the built-in Internet Explorer now you can "stick" to the edge of the screen, which will allow, for example, to consult the online help or advice in the passing game without it.Needless to say, the Russian owners of the Xbox One officially sold in our country since the beginning of autumn, I would like more. For example, the possibility to use the TV functionality by connecting to the console provider of digital set-top box. Yes, to pass "through" the picture of the console in the case of some set-top boxes (for Example, "Beeline" ) can, but the support service OneGuide for the Russian Federation until Not implemented. Not for sale to us and introduced in October at the European shelves for only 30 euros a digital TV tuner that allows you to view using Xbox One normal terrestrial TV.Our test console was not bundled with a Kinect sensor, so that its usefulness can be judged only according to the Internet - as long as she, at least, questionable. Anyway, there is "growing up" РҐbox One that with each new update makes the console are all equally serious competitor for from the outset favorite more gamers PlayStation 4..

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