LG and Samsung announced the latest model smart watch Mobile phones

The range is available to users put devices in the near future will be added 2 new models. With a difference of several tens of minutes staunch competition from South Korea's Samsung and LG announced each their own "smart" watch. New LG has a round screen, and the product Samsung - 3G module, allowing you to receive and send SMS and make calls.LG G R WatchThe new device from LG has already showed up in released a few days ago the teaser. The device really has a round screen (diameter 1, 3 inches), produced by OLED technology, providing excellent visibility from any angle and even in bright sunlight. May be it is because OLED technologies (in contrast to "cut" from the bottom of the screen, Moto 360) screen P Watch To be able to take 100% of the area of a circle.LG G Watch R work on the Android platform Wear (read the link for our full review and can withstand immersion in water to a depth of one meter for 30 minutes. The device is placed in a frame of stainless steel and comes with a strap (remanufactured) from natural calfskin. Outwardly, most with the default theme, LG G Watch R much more other models on the market similar to a normal quality watches average price level.The parameters LG G Watch R standard Wear for Android devices - core Snapdragon processor with a frequency of 1, 2 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 4 GB internal memory. There is a heart rate sensor (it was not in the first G Watch) and, of course, the pedometer. About the price as long as nothing is reported, and the date of the sale marked very ill - 4th quarter of this year. More about novelty will be possible oznakomimsya on display at IFA in Berlin this week.Samsung Gear SToday, without waiting for the start of the IFA exhibition in Berlin announced a new "time" the new Samsung. Unlike the LG G Watch R using Google developed the Android platform Wear, this device works on its own OSes Samsung, Tizen.The watch is fitted with a large (2 inch) rectangular curved OLED display. However, the main feature is the presence of built-in 3G modem with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS receiver, sensors, heart rate and movement. All this economy is working from a battery with a capacity of only 300 mA*h, which cannot but cause concern for battery life. However, Samsung claim that the Watch is able to consider up to 2 days without charging.The watch can display notifications from social networks, calendar, Etc., messages, and make calls over the cellular network. To answer the letter directly to the clock using the on-screen keyboard or voice input through a feature called S Voice. The user can choose whether to use Gear he's in standalone mode or as the previous model smart watch by Samsung, in the "console" to the smartphone or tablet.Odnovremenno clock was announced a new Bluetooth headset Samsung Circle (Yes, this name did not care for is still not announced all hours). It is designed to be worn on the neck and fitted plug headphones with insulating sleeves. As Gear S, the headset will go on sale in October and before that, in early autumn, will be shown at the IFA exhibition in Berlin..

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